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Syringe Shields

Written by Super User on 27 June 2013

Syringe Shields
Syringe Shields
Syringe Shields


The Latest Standard in Radiation Protection

EasySQUEEZE is a syringe protector specifically created to optimize the comfort of use and injection process.

  • Flexible silicone cover enables excellent grip
  • Virtually unbreakable
  • Innovative locking system to keep the syringe firmly in position
  • Tungsten shielding provides optimal radiation protection
  • Unique color cover for enhanced safety
  • EasySQUEEZE patented system can be fully disassembled
  • Unglued assembly can be changed in a matter of seconds
  • Replacement coverĀ 
  • Replacement glass
  • Accommodates the standard size syringes