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  • Syringe Shields

    Syringe Shields


    The Latest Standard in Radiation Protection

    EasySQUEEZE is a syringe protector specifically created to optimize the comfort of use and injection process.

    • Flexible silicone cover enables excellent grip
    • Virtually unbreakable
    • Innovative locking system to keep the syringe firmly in position
    • Tungsten shielding provides optimal radiation protection
    • Unique color cover for enhanced safety
    • EasySQUEEZE patented system can be fully disassembled
    • Unglued assembly can be changed in a matter of seconds
    • Replacement cover 
    • Replacement glass
    • Accommodates the standard size syringes
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  • PET source

    Smart Choices for Molecular Imaging

    Ensure the highest Quality Imaging for Every Need.  

    ·         Featuring sources for all Siemens ECAT and Biograph Systems

    ·         Dedicated sources for GE and Philips Healthcare Systems

    ·         Ge-68 and Na-22 sources for all your hot lab needs

    ·         Specialized sources available for all PET cameras and Modalities

  • Table Pads and Positioners

    Proper Patient Positioning is critical to every department!  It helps to ensure that a better diagnosis can be made, reduction of imaging time and cost savings to the department.

    We can make and/or find any pad or positioner to fill your departmental needs. Provide us with your specifications and  we are only a phone call or email away.

    Compatible with all imaging environments 

    • Enhances patient comfort
    • Easy cleaning with standard disinfectants
    • Fluid Proof 
    • Firmness adjusts naturally to body 
    • Pads return to original shape after use
    • Seams sewn and/or welded
    • Latex free, anti-microbial materials
    • Hypo-allergenic
    • Flame barrier 

Sirona Complete Care is focused on providing services, products and solutions throughout the health care arena. While our main focus is on Nuclear Medicine, Nuclear Cardiology and PET, our inventory of products is one that crosses modality lines, serving multiple departments, specialties and facility types.  

Whether you represent an individual physician's office, outpatient facility or oversee a large hospital, you can count on Sirona Complete Care to provide you with the products you need.  It is our goal to service your orders and requests in the fastest time possible.  We understand that providing you with the products you want in a timely fashion is not always enough.  That is why we continually work to be able to bring you the best pricing as well.

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If there is something on your need list that you do not find here, call us and we'll get it for you.  If it is an item that you use regularly we will gladly add it to our inventory.

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